Focusing Links

Visit the Focusing Institute‘s website for a wide-ranging introduction. The Institute is the hub for all Focusing work. You’ll find Gendlin’s philosophy and psychology articles here.

Also, you can do a search for Focusing trainers in your area, at:

You can find lots of material to introduce you to Focusing, and Inner Relationship Focusing, on Ann Weiser Cornell’s website.

Peter Afford also has a useful Questions & Answers page, in case you are new to Focusing.

The Institute of BioSpiritual Research has a rich site, with an abundance of introductory material. They have a knack for presenting Focusing in such straightforward language.

Joyce Kornblatt, Sydney, Australia – creative fiction mentoring. Joyce is not a trainer, but is a seasoned focuser, and an Hakomi therapist. She uses Focusing in her mentoring and therapy.

Jane Quayle teaches Focusing on the North Shore of Sydney. You can find her contact information (and that of other Sydney teachers) through the Focusing Insitute’s search engine.  Another Sydney trainer is Leona Dawson.


If you are philosophically inclined, and want to begin to get a handle on the philosophical background to Focusing, you can read Robert Parker’s summary of the Philosophy of the Implicit. I recommend Rob’s ‘sherpaship’ to take you into the difficult terrain of Gendlin’s A Process Model, so I urge you to write to him to ask him about his on-line classes.

I invite you to come over and read my WordPress blog, The Philosophy of the Implicit. To make sense of the blog, remember to read it from the bottom of the page up. As with all blogs the most recent entry is at the top. However, this blog reads like a long article, so it’s best to start at the bottom.


There are some very helpful introductory videos that you can stream, on Vimeo. (Thanks to Simon Do).The following link, for instance, is to an introduction to Focusing by Gene Gendlin.

And there are videos from other Focusing trainers also on Vimeo: Eugene Gendlin introduces Focusing (2000 International Conference)

Lots of good AV material on Focusing can be purchased from: The Focusing Institute’s Store, Ann Wesier Cornell’s Focusing Resources, and at Nada Lou @ Focusing in Focus.