On the weekend of August 1/2 I will teach a Level 1 Focusing workshop in Balmain, Sydney. (Barr St.)
Focusing is an incredibly important set of skills; a major contribution by Professor Eugene T. Gendlin to human development. At the conclusion of the workshop new-comers will be able to:
– recognise the ‘felt sense,’ understand its significance, and engage creatively with it.
– recognise the experience we call ‘a felt shift,’ understand its significance, and engage creatively with it
– recognise the creative role of language-use in the process and distinguish it from ‘experiencing.’
Cost: This workshop is offered as non-profit event. It will be given on a dana basis. That is, a contribution will asked upfront, to cover costs incurred by myself, the facilitator;  and there will be a ‘Dana Box’ available, for anonymous donations.

Dana is a Buddhist custom which asks that you give financial support so that the teachings and practises can continue from generation to generation.The action of paying a contribution makes it a communal event, rather than a fee for service. You are all making it happen, together.
The contribution: $60 for the two days.
Hours: We will begin at 10:00AM, and finish at 4:30, with an hour break for lunch (lunch at a time to be determined by the flow of process).
Lunch: You can bring your own, and eat at the venue; or, there are many cafes nearby.

Contact me at christopher_AT_thefocusingspace_DOT_com