My name is Christopher Ash. I am a trainer of Focusing, a wisdom practice developed by Eugene Gendlin. I am also a teacher of Early Buddhist mindfuless. I practice these two disciplines, because their great common goal is to elucidate and to free human experiencing.

In the late 90s, I began to study Eugene T. Gendlin’s Focusing method and his Philosophy of the Implicit. I am hugely indebted to Gene. Unexpectedly, and ironically, his work gave me a radical and surprising, fresh entry into the experiential intricacy of the Early Buddhist teachings.

I graduated as a Focusing trainer in 2003, under Ann Weiser Cornell’s tutelage – another teacher to whom I’m very grateful.

While I’m acknowledging here my indebtedness to my wonderful mentors and teachers, I’d also like to thank my friend, and mentor in The Philosophy of the Implicit, Rob Parker. A very gifted teacher. I have studied Gene Gendlin’s A Process Model with Rob for about a decade. 

I am a retired psychotherapist, I spent twenty years as a therapist. Before that I was a teacher of English to migrants and refugees in Australia. I live with my wife in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney.